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 Character discussion

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PostSubject: Character discussion   Character discussion Icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 2:27 pm

Name: Lilium Rajani
Sign: Lambda ( λ )
Title: Maid of Shade
Land: Land of Dark and Cold
Blood: #a10000
Fetch Modus: ?
Sprite: Whosprite
Lusus: Weasel
Consorts: Bats
Specibus: Penkind (Makeupkind style, transforms into sword.)
Ancestor: The Hetaera
Denizen: Erebus
Dreamself: Derse.
Trolltag: studiousObscurity
Quirk: Replaces the letter L with 1.
Psychic Power: Basic telekinesis, affect light sensitivity of others.
Age: 7 sweeps
Height: 5’2”
Build: Slight, skinny, and small. Sometimes forgets to eat and does most of her lifting telekinetically, so pretty weak.
Distinguishing Personal/Physical Qualities: Long wavy hair, made asymmetrical by a single curl that goes out to the side, always. Glasses. She loves books more than anything else, and wants to emulate the heroes of her stories, but is too timid to do so. Wants to learn as much as she can about the world, and a firm believer in the scientific method. A believer in the hemospectrum, she recognizes that the majority of trolls are superior to her. Has been known to Flarp with Azrael as The Cullterize Sisters.
Horns: See image references
Attire: Standard black t-shirt with symbol, black mid-length skirt.
Hive: A building perched precariously at the edge of a cliff. Stories above the first were quite clearly added later, being made of mismatched bits and pieces of whatever building materials were lying around, creating a structure that is very tall and looks like it would collapse at any moment. The inside is a vast library, with books covering almost every square inch of the walls and much of the floor.
Morgan Aster: Rust Blood Solidarity! They share a love of books, and respect/relate to each other because of the similar social status. Lilium and Morgan are friendly, but have a lot to learn about each other.
Nisaba Thiele: Best friends since they were wigglers.
Shayla Halja:
Kanina Blaine:
Leland Odhrán:
Kesper Rhyde: Kesper would go to her hive to do some research when he was a cadet. When he first met her he was taken aback a little. Over time he would become a bit smitten with her and would find an excuse to go back to her hive to see her.
Aerona Morian: FLARP teams played against eachother. To Be Expanded.
Melean Parrok:
Kaiser Skaravaios: Bonded by a love of books, Kaiser and Lilium often discuss their favorite works of literature and exchange regularly from their respective hive libraries.
Zubrae Algedi:
Nereus Kelpan:
Skotad Agryp: FLARP teams frequently played against eachother. Generally mistrustful of eachother.
Azrael Deligo: On the same FLARP team, The Cullterize Sisters. Frequently at odds and can never seem to agree, but remain very good friends regardless.
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Character : Zubrae Algedi
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PostSubject: Re: Character discussion   Character discussion Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 4:15 pm

Since Lilium and Zubrae are going to end up on the same team, I thought it would be nice to finally get their interactions sorted out. I'd imagine they'd be friendly; despite his place on the hemospectrum, Zubrae wouldn't care whether she was a rustblood or not and they have Morgan as a mutual friend. Though it would also be interesting to see her reaction to his clown religion. The universe falling apart and being replaced by a carnival themed afterlife doesn't mesh incredibly well with the scientific method, does it?
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Character discussion
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