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Character : Kaiser Skaravaios
Title : Scourge of Law
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PostSubject: Basic Profile   Basic Profile Icon_minitimeSat Feb 04, 2012 3:15 am

Name: Kaiser Skaravaios
Sign: Empyrean Sigil (link)
Title: Scourge of Law
Land: Land of Cobalt and Iron
Sprite: ScorpionSprite
Blood: #1C4578
Fetch Modus: Shuffle (can hold up to 52 items, however only 5 may be picked at a time at random)
Lusus: Scorpionmom (link): Scorpionmom is an egomaniac, in the purest sense of the word. She truly believes herself to be a god which is why Kaiser’s hive is designed in the shape of a temple. She demands offerings from Kaiser which is why he goes out and grabs food and treasure for her from gambling. They are very close though, Scorpionmom treats Kaiser kindly as her avatar in the world clearly sent to spread her venomous sting to trollkind. Will generally warm up to anyone and anything as long as they offer tribute first. Very clumsy.
Consorts: Iron Crows
Strife Specibus: Cardkind: Kaiser starts dard deck of cards, strangely enough it never seems to quite run out of cards. Amazing how sharp the paper on them seems to be too... huh.
Ancestor: The Unloyal Mask
Denizen: Leviathan
Dreamself: Prospit
Trolltag: royalGambler
Quirk: G’s become 9’s (they’re lucky), Triple Punctuation, The using a stanCapitalization of A, J, Q, K as well as the numerous use of card metaphors and imagery.
Psychic Power: Kaiser’s psychic ability is based on keeping him unaffected by psychic abilities of others. His natural focus on money keeps from any significant bewitching of his senses (Think of Watto or Jabba from Starwars, mind tricks don't work, only money)
Age: 9.3 solar sweeps
Height: 5’10”
Build: Stands tall despite his flat average height. He has broad shoulders and is fairly well built. His legs are a tad stocky and his hands fairly large, has a sorta boxerish look about him.
Distinguishing Personal/Physical Qualities: Has mid-length wavy hair that regardless of what it has been put through can be shaken back into proper order. Has very sharp teeth that come to points but all line up perfectly, and when he smiles, its like being smiled at by a shark. Also has a small mustache and goatee that he keeps properly groomed and in order. Tends to be a bit frivolous as he has the philosophy of life being a game, simply about who is having fun and who is winning. He tends to be rather selfish, always concerned with what something has to do with him or what he has to gain from an action. He does have a sense of justice, but only in the most sophistic way. Justice is who wins and that justice can easily be bought or sold for a reasonable fee. Generally a good troll... just kinda sleazy.
Horns: Kaiser’s horns are two sets of Bifurcated prongs that sweep back on his head after springing from the side of his skull (
Attire:Kaiser wears dark wash jeans that are slightly tattered at the bottom from being stepped on so often (they’re a bit too long for his short legs). On top he wears a black long sleeve shirt with his symbol in his blood color. Over this he wears a brown corduroy suit coat that he claims makes him look fancy. On his neck he wears a little necklace with a dog-tag that has a spade on one side and a heart on the other (the amount of awkward conversations it has spawned are numerous) On his wrists he wears a bracelet on each, a white band on his left and a blue one on his right. With all this he wears black dress shoes.
Hive: Situated on the base of a mountain, Kaiser lives in a temple like structure with his Lusus. The Giant scorpion lives in the back where the building might otherwise hold a statue of some diety. The sides of the building are lined in bookshelves and in the center is a randomized wheel that spins when you step on it. facing toward the lusus, forward leads to the scorpion, behind leads out, left leads to Kaiser’s room where is recuperacoon and desktop lie. The right leads to the game room, where Kaiser keeps a vast supply of games to entertain himself
LOIAC: The land of Iron and Cobalt is very dark and very shiny all at the same time. The land itself is made of pure steel and as such when any light touches it it reflects and sparkles it. The land is very straight. The planes are flat and do not roll, the elevation changes not in slopes but in very abrupt steps that just seem to begin. The only thing that interrupts the constant silver sheen is the thin cobalt rivers that course throughout the land in geometric patterns. The only interruption to the flat landscape is the jagged spires of twisted cobalt and steel that sporadically cover the landscape. These are periodically struck by lightning by the cause of the darkness in the land. This cause is the giant ion storm constantly floating above LOIAC making the air constantly crackle with electricity, and sends lightning streaking down to the landscape. The lightning strikes the spires and causes the lightning to fly between them and the spires to glow till the energy diffuses.
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