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PostSubject: Basic Information   Basic Information Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 7:51 pm

Basic Information TrollKat
Name: Nisaba Thiele
Sign: Microscopum
Title: Witch of Blood
Land: Land of Glass and Bubbles
Blood: Brown (#825300)
Fetch Modus: Schrodinger’s Box (50% chance of getting a dead cat instead of her item)
Sprite: RatSprite
Lusus: Rat
Consorts: Mudpuppies
Specibus: Sawkind (gets final weapon via Hel)
Ancestor: Inventor Mazemind
Denizen: Circe
Dreamself: Prospit
Trolltag: maunderingLiteratus
Quirk: your wOrds empHasize tHe building blOCks Of OrganiC CHemistry, and yOu tend tO ramble.
Psychic Power: Short-range teleportation of inanimate objects (good for disposing of dead cats =/ )
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Height: 5’1’’
Build: Curvy/stocky
Distinguishing Personal/Physical Qualities: Generally good natured, Nisaba is also socially incompetent. It’s not that she doesn’t like people (although a good amount of the time she doesn’t), it’s just that when she DOES like them, she has no idea how to show it, and when she doesn’t, it’s because they get in her way. Not really prone to talking about what’s on her mind, but not really good at small talk, either. When she DOES try to explain things, she has a hard time making herself clear, often confusing people more. On the other hand, she’s a good listener and always ready to sit down and make sympathetic noises for a friend. She has a passion for biology and chemistry, but as a brown blood, most of her lab equipment is either old, broken, or re-purposed common items, such as using her stove for a ‘Bunsen burner’. Her hive is kind of a wreck because sub-par equipment tends to lead to accidents, but it’s also kept as neat as she can so random crud doesn’t get in her way. She’s always curious and eager, especially after the game breaks her tendency to stay in her hive, but also rather rash.
Horns: As pictured in image provided
Attire: Too-big grey smock with her symbol on it over her brown v-neck long sleeved shirt, boring black pants, comfy fuzzy brown slippers (with metal plates inserted into the bottom so she doesn’t stab her feet).
Hive: Small, two story hive set in the base of a canyon wall, by a river. Top story/attic has been converted into a lab, bottom story is where she lives. Windows and door can be sealed for when a flash-flood comes, with a window higher up for air.
Land of Glass and Bubbles: The LOGAB is a glassy planet with smooth, sloping glass dunes and spires, giving it a sharp, but whimsical look. Beneath the glass is a multicolored shifting liquid, and vents in the glass allow great spouts of bubbles to rise up into the sky. Circe’s palace in in a gigantic glass bubble at the center, reachable only through a vast maze of tunnels that weaves through the underground ocean. The deeper down you go, the darker it gets, although glowing bubbles always shed at least a little light.
Circe: Circe lives in her lab-like palace deep inside LOGAB. Her palace is surrounded by a garden of rare, deep sea plants, which she regularly harvests to use in her potions. Scattered all around her palace are vials of every imaginable size and shape, filled with potions of every color, but unmarked as in function. To obtain her help, remain respectful, and never, ever touch any of her potions without permission, lest you become one of her many cats...

Circe appears as a tall, beautiful young maiden with light brown skin and long silver hair, wearing a dark purple robe. She fights with an ancient silver wand.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Information   Basic Information Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 4:58 pm

Just curious, are you staying with Blood or have you decided to switch to either Health or Tech from the fan aspect thread?
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Basic Information
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