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 Basic Info - Melon Parrot

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PostSubject: Basic Info - Melon Parrot   Basic Info - Melon Parrot Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 2:27 pm

Name: Melean “Melon Parrot” Parrok
Sign: Lowercase Mu ( μ )
Title: Scribe of Memory Keys? Mind seems to have been taken? End? Void? Path? Rift? Choice? Something related to Choice I liked choice
Land: Land of Spires and Keys
Blood: #005F73
Fetch Modus: Carryall (can hold a large amount of items, only the top few are visible at any time and one must rummage through the contents to get the other items, which end up in a random order. Prone to Rummage Fail.)
Sprite: Vadersprite (Darth Vader figurine pre-entry, ??? post-entry)
Lusus: Snailmom, a giant snail with wings. Melean's hive is built on top of, and partly into Snailmom's shell.
Consorts: Drama Llamas who are shippers, talk incomprehensible netspeak, and wear hats.
Strife Specibus: Scrwdrvrkind
Ancestor: The Historian
Denizen: Mnemosyne
Dreamself: Derse
Trolltag: mutuallyIrrational
Quirk: Perfect syntax, no end punctuation except for ? and !. Replaces l with |. Makes lots of typos. Occasionally uses Sollux-style abbreviations with full initials (LR, MA, SA) or usernames (SO, SV, DV).
Age: 8 sweeps
Height: 168 cm (METRIC, BITCHES)
Build: Slight
Distinguishing Personal/Physical Qualities: Melean isn’t as much into gaming as a lot of the others, but still enjoys it. When she does play games, it’s mostly older ones or free RPGs, but she prefers to spend her days writing or drawing for whatever webcomic project she is working on at the time or forgetting about said project. She isn’t very good at remembering things at all, unless it’s useless facts, which is related to another of her interests, science. She enjoys reading about scientific finds and technological developments, and had earlier considered becoming a Scientistrangler or Avengineer, and likes tinkering. She is frequently surprised or confused, but once she gets the handle of a situation, she doesn’t let go that easily. Also pretty stubborn. Likes making bad jokes and puns whenever she gets the chance. Not the most sociable troll out there, and has a tendency to vanish from Trollian for a while without saying anything.
Hive: Melean's hive is, as mentioned earlier, built on Snailmom's shell. Thus it is mobile, and she can go basically anywhere with enough time. Despite that, she prefers to stay within the same general area, usually following the weather and climate patterns. At the time of the meteor strike, Snailmom retreats into her shell, and does not survive the trip to the Medium.
Land of Spires and Secrets: Upon entry, LOSAS appears to be a world of rooftops. Melean’s hive starts out on top of one, towering above most of the others. The roofs belong to buildings of all kinds, in any kind of architectural styles. Some of them have tall spires, thus the name. There is almost no space between the buildings, sometimes just enough to lose something between them, but there are a few more open gardens scattered around too.
The first gate leads inside one of the buildings, which is where most of the consorts and underlings are. Again, there are all sorts of buildings, from academies to zoos, but mostly libraries and the similar. The buildings are all interconnected, and there are almost no ways to get in or out except the gates. Even skylights and garden doors are impossible or hard to open, or at least require solving puzzles.
Most of the books in the library are in a language that even the consorts don’t understand, that Melean will have to figure out as a part of her quest. Clues are scattered about the land, sometimes as part of the solution to a puzzle, sometimes as the reward for solving one, sometimes both. Many doors are protected by puzzles. Some puzzles require a second or third person to solve.

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Info - Melon Parrot   Basic Info - Melon Parrot Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 4:33 pm

There's a (link) that doesn't have a link there...
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Basic Info - Melon Parrot
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