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 Melean's interactions

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PostSubject: Melean's interactions   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:18 am

Morgan Aster: Morgan is a fan of Melean’s webcomics, and they met through the forum where she posts webcomics. They got in contact via email, and later Trollian, and are now pretty chummy. They talk mostly about Melean’s comics.
Lilium Rajani:
Nisaba Thiele: Have a common interest in science, but don’t talk a lot.
Shayla Halja:
Leland Odhrán:
Kesper Rhyde:
Aerona Morian:
Kaiser Skaravaios: Met through webcomics. They get along alright, but tend to bicker about their respective hobbies.
Zubrae Algedi:
Nereus Kelpan: She helps him get information on Zubrae through Morgan.
Skotad Agryp:
Azrael Deligo:
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Melean's interactions
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