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 Character info and ramblings

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PostSubject: Character info and ramblings   Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:15 pm

Additions and ramblings to come laterrr

Name: Nereus ‘I AM THE LAW’ Kelpan (Nair-ee-us Kell-pan)
Title: Ward of Storm
Land: Land of Storms and Judgement
Blood: #540081
Fetch Modus: Lineup (Want an item from your sylladex? Gotta put it in a lineup with ghost images of other, very similar things and pick it out!)
Sprite: Fortesquesprite
Lusus: Sharktopus (Somewhat widely known among FLARPers as the ‘terrorsquid’)
Consorts: #CC6666-colored corgis
Strife Specibus: Hammerkind, Pistolkind
Ancestor: Archduke Whitecap
Denizen: Chaac
Dreamself: Prospit
Trolltag: eternalMoratorium
Quirk: -- Carries His Hammer everywHere --H, all caps for emphasis or when emotional, otherwise perfect syntax
Age: 9 sweeps (19 and a half, could pass for 22 )
Height: 6’4
Build: 9 sweeps of swinging around a 6 lb sledgehammer, running around in solid metal armor, doing patch jobs on his hiveboat, and lugging around unconscious or dead trolls have left Nereus toned, if not close to being outright 'built'. He's a far cry from being bulky, though, and would use the term 'whipcord muscle' on himself.

Skeletal Structure:
Nereus' lower jaw is disproportionately wide, mainly due to its shape: that of a kitefin shark, , instead of normal human jaw structure. His nose 'hole' is also pyramid shaped, which means his nose is short and wide. the top of his skull also has a bone ridge to stabilize the lower jaw.
Torso: Nereus' shoulders are somewhat disproportionately wide, coming to three and a half heads across instead of the normal three heads. his rib cage is more triangular than standard, with the 'point' being down near the waist as opposed to the vague 'point' in the upper chest on a normal skeleton. His sternum is a bit longer than the normal sternum, but does not cover the entire length of his rib cage.
Arms/hands: Nereus' arms are the same proportionate length as a normal humanoid, though with a much shorter upper arm and a much longer lower arm. His fingers are shorter and wider than normal, and his nails are naturally serrated.
Legs/Feet: Like near everything else, Nereus' legs are disproportionately different than the standard humanoid legs. His thighs are short, like his forearms, but thicker than normal to support his weight. His shins are much longer, and also thicker so as to not be unstable. His feet are different only in their shape, more triangular than normal.

Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Nereus’ body is riddled with scars from FLARP injuries. In addition to these scars, he is also starting to grow out a beard, but is carefully trimming it to avoid a ‘neckbeard’. But by far, the single most distinctive physical feature about him is his hair: Stark white, like an elderly troll. His hair color faded close to his fifth wriggling day, and has been there ever since. As well, because his blood shade’s close proximity to seadwellerdom, Nereus has an amazing lung capacity, and can hold his breath for close to an hour.
Distinguishing Personal Qualities: Nereus, for the most part, is a very grim and serious troll. He's not the kind of person to joke in the midst of a serious situation, or to really joke or laugh that often at all in public. In fact, the only words that come out of him that aren't explicitly related to the task at hand are action movie-esque one-liners, which themselves are delivered with the same grim seriousness as everything else. However, Nereus is in fact NOT an animate brick wall, and when he's alone, or is in the company of a friend or two in the privacy of their hive, he emotes like a normal person. He is just of the opinion that one should be serious and committed to getting tasks accomplished over everything else when in public.

The second side to Nereus' personality is what happens when his 'berserk button' is pressed. That button is simply being double crossed. Thanks to a FLARP incident at the tender young age of 6, Nereus flies into an incomprehensible, snarling rage whenever someone doubles-crosses him. Gone is the stone wall facial expression, gone are the deadpan one-liners, replaced by Nereus more or less hulking out and trying his damndest to kill the offending person.
Horns: Nereus' horns extend horizontally out of the sides of his head for a good foot and a half, then curve upward at a sudden 30 degree angle.

Attire: Nereus, when he goes a-FLARPin’, is never without his sailing peacoat, obviously black. Because this coat is constantly buttoned up, it has been embroidered with his sign, in his blood color. Aside from that, his clothing consists of nothing more than a sleeveless shirt, burlap pants with a rope belt tied up in a fisherman’s knot, and water-proofed sneakers.
Hive :

General history: The reason Nereus' hive is not a standard hive is purely because the arctic island that Sharktopusdad brought Nereus to after emerging from the brooding caverns had the mostly-intact wreck of an ancient fast-attack craft on it. Of course, little Nereus fell in love with the thing at first sight, so the drones were ordered to repair the ship and '--Make it go on tHe water!-H'.

Structure: Obviously, the ships' onboard weapons systems were useless from a combination of rust and cold. Not to mention the fact that the ammo was completely gone, as was the sophisticated electronic equipment in the bridge. The ship's deck was thus free to be stripped completely bare and almost entirely covered with hive material, save for small balconies on the bow and stern. Nereus also insisted, in his overwhelming exictement, that the ship's bow be built over with a sharpened hard point under the water, to '--SmasH tHings witH!-H'. The hull of the boat is also patched seemingly haphazardly with plates of waterproofed hive material, to seal up the various holes that had been previously blasted into the ship.


Underdeck: The ship's old underdeck is used by Nereus as a big miscellaneous space, for doing laundry, storage, and holding trolls for interrogation. This is where all of the incredibly random things he has claimed in treasure chests generated in FLARP, that have been offered to him by trolls trying to escape execution (This only adds 'attempting to bribe an officer of the law' to their crimes), and that he has found exploring random ruined hives and shipwrecks are found.

Hive 'blocks': The major of the ship's top deck is now occupied by large blocky structures of hive material, that themselves have 14-paned windows placed randomly about them. Nereus' respiteblock is located in the middle block, and has three entrances: One into the cleanseblock (The sternmost block, which itself has a door leading out onto the stern balcony), one into a small 'sleuthblock' where Nereus retreats to do his most serious thinking and studying (that ITSELF leads up to the ship's bridge), and a small round hatch in the ceiling accessed by a rope ladder.

Ship's bridge: The bridge of the ship is still intact, though as mentioned all of the complex electronic equipment there was either destroyed when the ship was wrecked, was rusted and frozen beyond repair, or had simply been taken by scavengers over the sweeps. However, the main controls of the bridge still remained intact, and the construction drones were able to restore them just enough to provide basic steering and engine control. However, the bridge has also been turned into Nereus' mealblock, containing standard kitchen appliances, and a tiny metal table made for one.

Armaments: Though all of the ship's original armaments were unusable when Nereus first started inhabiting it, over the sweeps he has, with help from other trolls friendly to him, managed to attach some light weapons to his hiveboat, to combat the various small pirate ships that sail Alternia's waters, despite the ship's metal hull being less vulnerable against standard iron ball cannons than the wooden ships they were intended to destroy.

Bow: The bow's weapon is the thick, sharp naval ram made by the construction drones on the order of a very young Nereus. With the combined ram and speed of the ship, most small ships are easily smashed.

Stern: The stern weapon is anti-personnel rather than anti-ship, and is nothing more than an M60 machine gun mounted to a rigid tripod, with a full 360 degrees of swivel. Ammunition for this is relatively easy to come by, and Nereus tends to have at least 10 spare boxes at any time.

Respiteblock roof: On the outside of his respiteblock's roof, Nereus has bolted several large crates. These crates each contain two or three single-shot Light Anti-Tank weapons. These are also anti-ship weapons, and do a rather decent job of taking out small ships, or rarely, damaging coastal hives. They are kept in these crates purely because Nereus does not have a launcherkind card and it's much quicker to pick them up and use them than mess with his fetch modus.

Respiteblock: Nereus' respiteblock, as mentioned, sits in the middle of the ship's top deck. It is quite obviously where he spends the majority of his time, and it's at the same tie the most orderly block on the ship, and the messiest. Orderly in that every type of thing has its own space in the block, and messy in that those spaces tend to end up complete unorganized clusterfucks, not sorted or arranged at all. Game boxes are just stacked haphazardly on their shelves, his cases of rum are just shoved against each other in a corner, and at times there are comics scattered everywhere on the floor. Nereus' recuperacoon is upright and anchored to the ceiling, with a TV that has definitely seen better nights positioned some distance away from it, angled to be visible both from the coon and a bright orange inflatable sofa, one of several pieces of inflatable furniture scattered around the room. Nereus' husktop sits on the floor next to the sofa, on top of a stack of books, a mishmash of law books and rulebooks for tabletop gaming. There is a second television on the opposite side of the room, nestled amongst a jungle of wires and cables belonging to various gaming consoles, old and new, that Nereus owns. Posters dot the wall haphazardly, and almost all of them are for movies that involve the legislacerators in some fashion, or are Steel Corsair posters.

Land of Storms and Judgement: The first, most obvious feature of LOSAJ's landscape is that it is entirely crystalline. The ground, the cliffs, the valleys, they are all made of crystal that runs the entire visible spectrum of colors (If you're going to draw it, I prefer pastel colors. ). In addition to the crystal everywhere, LOSAJ is also a wet planet. There are large, though not ocean large, bodies of liquid dotting the planet, that shimmer and reflect the light the same way the crystals do. Drinking this liquid isn't dangerous, though it does make the drinker extremely dizzy for a short while. As well, there are ruins scattered across the planet, of large and dramatic gothic buildings that seem to have been ripped straight out of a particularly dark Troll Batman graphic novel. The weather is a constant thunderstorm, with torrential downpours soaking consort, underling, and player alike. Fortunately, the lightning always strikes the peaks of the crystalline mountains, and the rumbling thunder is fare from deafening.

Consorts: The corgi consorts mostly live in the ruined buildings across the planet, sometimes in villages of shacks made from bits of ruins taken apart and rebuilt. They feed exclusively on small, soft crystal growths that they refer to as 'crystal noms'. Whether living inside ruins or in shack villages, groups of the consorts are led by an elder, who is the adult with the biggest ears. Whenever a new generation is born (The corgis do not breed freely, but instead have a mating season so that the next generation is generally born around the same time, barring the occasional premature litter.), they are monitored carefully, and when their ears are fully developed and standing upright as normal, the pup with the largest ears is then trained and schooled to be the next elder. The elders of a group are incredibly wise and knowledgeable, and grow up constantly learning the admittedly very simple lore of their species: At some point in the past, the waters of the planet could be imbibed without dizziness, and were full of edible crystal fish. The denizen, referred to as 'He Who Snoozes', was the one responsible for the extinction of the fish and the changing of the waters. It is prophesied that the 'Stormchild' will face the denizen, refuse his 'offers of shinies and treats', and slay him, thus purging the land of monsters and returning the safety and bounty of the seas.

Denizen's palace: Chaac's palace resembles a fusion of a gothic cathedrawl and a Mayan temple, and is placed on a plateau of dark teal crystal. The main structure is a Mayan pyramid, resembling a series of large steps when viewed from one side, but instead of just being blank stone, the sides are carved with pictures of the denizen menacing corgis, eating fish, battling heroic corgi warriors, and similar things. On the top level, where a squat, square building would be, there is instead a cathedral-looking building, with ornate stained-glass windows depicting various storm-related imagery, and surrounded by four tall square crystal towers, each topped with a gigantic crystal carving of the Storm aspect.

Chaac: Chaac is bipedal, and clad in a red, blue, and yellow himation that is also covered in Mayan symbols. The himation, however, does not obscure its feet, which resemble eagle feet. Just below Chaac's shoulderblades are two very large wings, whose plumage markings are black and red, very ornate, and resemble some depictions of the Thunderbird. Sprouting from either side of his face just below the eyes are two very long whiskers, like that of a catfish. These are constantly emitting small sparks. Atop his head is what resembles a stereotypical viking helmet, though painted in the same colors as his himation to resemble a bird's head.

Thunderhead: Chaac's weapon is a hatched that is named Thunderhead when capchalogued. The handle is covered in etchings of rainstorms and cornstalks. A leather band, very dark red in color, is wrapped around the end of the handle, attached to which are smaller strips of leather, which themselves are attached to small droplet-shaped sapphires. Etched into the hatchet's blade is a rough picture of the legendary Stormchild, enemy and destined slayer of Chaac. Thunderhead can be used to call a rainstorm, which has the effect of dealling Damp-aspect damage to enemies and healing players.

Miscellany and hodgepodge:
- Nereus has a thick, though not to the point of being unintelligible, Austrian accent.
- Nereus is more or less forced to eat nothing but meat due to the shape of his teeth. Vegetable matter is usually shoved into a blender and liquified.
- He can play the accordion like no other, and is decent at the violin/fiddle
- Though he collects almost every genre of game imaginable, his favorite (And the kind he is most skilled at) is fishing games. And if any other sort of game that has fishing sections, he’ll snatch that up, too.
- When he drinks liquor, it’s almost always 40% rum mixed with cola.
- Sharktopusdad is a ⅓ of a mile long, and large enough to swallow a ship the size ofThe USS Texas whole.

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PostSubject: Re: Character info and ramblings   Thu May 24, 2012 6:41 pm

Yeah, I'm going to have to rewrite some of this since it wasn't transferred to here from the doc...whoopsie. Oh well! Overhaul incoming.
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PostSubject: Re: Character info and ramblings   Fri May 25, 2012 1:32 pm

Quote :
- Nereus has a thick, though not to the point of being unintelligible, Austrian accent.
I like this.
I'm imagining how he would say everyone's names now. Instead of 'LEE-luhnd', he'd probably say 'lee-LAHND'. And so on.
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PostSubject: Re: Character info and ramblings   Fri May 25, 2012 3:02 pm

Nereus is basically Arnold Schwarzenegger. x3 One-liners and all.
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PostSubject: Re: Character info and ramblings   Wed May 30, 2012 1:58 pm

I'm pretty sure I've fixed all the correct information to what it's supposed to be! I would appreciate comments and suggestions, whether here, or in the seperate thread for discussion.
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PostSubject: Re: Character info and ramblings   

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Character info and ramblings
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