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Character : Aerona Morian
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PostSubject: General Info   General Info Icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 2:20 am

TALK-SPRITES: [Link], [Link]
DRESS-UP: [Link]

Name: Aerona Morian

Sign: Stylized Triangle

Title: Cleric of Peace

Land: Land of Shadows and Mist

Blood: #006AC7

Fetch Modus: Numerical. First letter of an objects name = the number of that letter. EX: Tape.
T is the 20th letter of the alphabet, therefore it is 20th in the stack. Design very similar to Dirk's.
If an item shares the same letter, such as Mop and Microphone, the item currently in the stack would be dropped.

Sprite: WaspSprite

Lusus: Had two lusii. When she was a grub ready to be picked by a lusus, two found her.
They both decided to take care of her, rather then kill each other. They still fought constantly, however, and Aerona usually had to break it up.
---•WaspMom: European Paper Wasp. Became obsessively protective of Aerona after MothMom's death.
Distrusts Seadwellers above all other trolls, and tries keeping Aerona away from Azrael and Skotad.
She is more at ease when lower bloods are around, like Morgan. She will hover, though. Literally.
She thinks Aerona is crazy for befriending and trusting the two seadwellers.
She is the size of a Smart Car, but weighs as much as a large dog.
---•MothMom: Luna Moth. Let Aerona do whatever she wanted, despite WaspMom's protests.
Was very dotting and encouraging. Hated things touching her wings.
Was killed by a seadweller when Aerona was young.
She was the size of a truck, and weighed as much as a small horse.

Consorts: Red-Back Salamanders

Strife Specibus: Bladekind. The blades themselves are very unique. They're serrated wing-shaped blades, used for x-cuts and side slashes at high speeds.
They are attached to her forearms by finger-less metal gauntlets. They are made of strong, light, somewhat flexible metal.

Ancestor: The Temperant. The Sufferer had many disciples in his heretical wake, and though his favorite was his most revered Disciple, another, who would come to be known as The Temperant, would be one of the few to live past his own demise. The Temperant was one of few blue-blood trolls to follow The Sufferer’s beliefs, and as such she did all she could to pass his wisdom onto other highbloods. She was aided in her quest by The Rhapsodist, The Vigilant, and The Historian. She and her allies went around Alternia, where The Sufferer himself dare not go, trying to persuade highbloods to join their cause. Few listened, but those who did proved to be invaluable. A few trolls in the military, however, went too far. They plotted to assassinate Her Imperious Condescension, but ultimately failed. Their plot was traced back to The Temperant, who was later excecuted on the spot by The Infantreaper.

Denizen: Eirene

Dreamself: Prospit

Trolltag: ballisticalParadox

Quirk: Replaces some letters with symbols. Overall perfect spelling, but will make mistakes if excited or angry.
EX lowercase: thᶒ quɨck Ƅɾoᴪƞ fox juϻpʂ ovᶒɾ thᶒ laƶy dog

Age: 7.5 sweeps

Height: 5'9"

Build: Atoli-like build. Lean, with just the right amount of muscle. Long legs. Nothing to "weigh her down", so to speak.

Distinguishing Physical Qualities: Hair resembles Atoli's, has sharp teeth similar to Terezi's, and horns resemble Latias ears. Wears blue lipstick.

Distinguishing Personal Qualities: She is a chatty troll, and once you get her started in a good conversation, it is hard for her to stop talking.

Bio: Probably the least troll-like in the entire group, Aerona is kind and forgiving, providing advice and helping her friends when she is needed.
She seems like she'd be the shy type, but she is far from it. She is very outgoing, always slowing down and just enjoying life, seeing how things work. She isn't all cheer and smiles, though. She has suffered greatly in her past. When she was a young troll, she witnessed one of her lusii, MothMom, slaughtered before her eyes in cold blood by a seadweller. She was taken in by Morgan, whom she lived with until she was 6 sweeps old. In that time, Aerona found she had an urge to kill at random moments. In these periods, the sclera of her eyes would turn red, and her pupils would turn into slits and change to the color of her blood. Her hair would also have a wild, unkept look. She hasn’t killed anyone yet, but she almost killed Morgan.
This prompted her to leave Morgan's hive to seek her own, along with WaspMom, who had become extremely protective of her.
Despite these urges though, she hates the idea of killing in cold blood, and as such has never killed another troll. The only reason she would ever willingly kill is in self-defense, and because of this she is looked upon as a coward or a weakling. She is a skilled swordsman, specializing in ambush and mid-air combat, and is very agile because of her light weight and longer legs.
She loves playing video games, but hates losing or messing up in them. Aerona also enjoys a good book occasionally, mostly fiction. She is an avid FLARPer, despite her dislike of killing others and fear of seadwellers, and is part of a team with Skotad.

Horns: Shaped like Latias ears.

Attire: Trademark black tee with her sign on it
A very comfy pair of black sweatpants
A necklace with a blue orb on it that glows depending on her mood
A black jacket that fades to her blood color on the bottom portion and sleeves
Running shoes that are light blue on the bottom, white laces, white D shaped tip on end, heel is blue, rest of shoe is black

Hive: Lives in a cave situated above a valley that is home mainly to antlerbeasts.
Cave is filled with posters of her favorite games, shows, and movies.
She has a large collection of figurines and plushies that she keeps on shelves or in stacks around her cave.
Has a smaller cavern inside her cave where she keeps jewels and other cool things she finds on her explorations with Azrael.
Uses a desktop computer with a large HD monitor instead of a laptop, which can be very inconvenient.
The laptop she does have is a slow piece of shit that should have been culled 2 sweeps ago and is only good for chatting.

Land of Shadows and Mist: The LOSAM is quite dark, most of the light source only being the stars in the navy-blue sky and the faint glow
from the mushrooms that can be found throughout the caves and tunnels of the land. The terrain is mostly flat, with some areas having hills or creeks.
There is a large mountain that cuts across the land, stretching all around the planet. The land itself is mostly full of large forests made up of shady trees (like weeping willows, red woods, oaks, pines, birches, etc) that make the land seem much darker than it really is. There are 5 lakes in LOSAM, each deeper and darker than the next.
LOSAM is covered in mist that reaches as high as the trees to as low as the ground, meaning this land is also rather moist.
All the trees in LOSAM have trunks that vary in shades of purple, and their leaves are different shades of green/teal. All the trees are covered in ribbons of Aerona’s blood color.
The oldest and largest tree is a weeping willow located above Aerona’s cave hive, and its main purpose is to cover the cave’s entrance with its wispy leaves.

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Character : Aerona Morian
Title : Resident Whovian
Posts : 79
Join date : 2012-02-03
Age : 23
Location : Petaluma, CA

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PostSubject: Re: General Info   General Info Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 5:34 am

Done! My, did I procrastinate on this.

Welp, if anyone has any suggestions, go ahead and voice them. I'm open to ideas.
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