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 Regarding Pacing

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PostSubject: Regarding Pacing   Regarding Pacing Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2012 11:02 pm

Relatively minor topic that doesn't need to be addressed before we start, but I was reading this fanfic/faq thing (I highly recommend giving it a read, even if I disagree with some of its takes on the game) and it occurred to me that the game proper is going to involve a lot of background questing and stuff that is really better left as background. This means that we will have to be doing a lot of timeskipping, so I propose this: Once we get to a certain point (eg after you have acted as server player and entered and spent a bit of time faffing around on our Lands) we transition from our "Everything that happens all the time" mode to a more episodic format governed by the events happening rather than the characters involved. Sure, it'll end up a chronological mess, but this is an HS rp, HS-related stuff can never avoid chronological messes.
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Regarding Pacing
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