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 So It Begins

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Character : Morgan Aster
Title : Sir Lord Baron of Shenanigans
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PostSubject: So It Begins   Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:41 pm

Your name is MORGAN ASTER and HOLY SHIT TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!! Honestly nobody is going to truly understand how HIGHLY ANTICIPATED the events of tonight are, except all of your BEGRUDGING FRIENDS and, well, the 4th-wall-breaking acknowledgement of any READERS you plan on explaining this excitement to.

Never mind the 4th wall, though, you've got more important business at hand! Like this introduction. Shucks, you were never very good at introductions. Most of the time, introducing yourself involves inserting yourself into someone else's life in the MOST EXUBERANT FASHION IMAGINABLE. Friendship seems to be the typical side-effect, even if you're pretty sure everyone just SUFFERS and ENDURES you. Well, everyone except your moirail. And you can't forget your matesprit. And then there's that possible black romance that could be kindling... Gosh, this is embarrassing.

Okay, come on now, you've gotta get back on track. The track being something you never left, obviously, because this is all completely relevant. Which is why it makes TOTAL SENSE to progress to your INTERESTS, of which you have many! You're a complete sucker for works of fantasy in EVERY MEDIUM possible, be it in cinema, television, video game, book, or cave-painting form. Your unquenchable thirst for FANTASTICAL ADVENTURE SCENARIOS never fails to be held at bay by these works, which only encourage your desire for adventures of your own. The dense forest local of your hive supplies many an explorative expedition opportunity about Alternia, which further prepares you for your hopeful future occupation as an ADVENTUNIHILATOR with the off-planet armed forces of adult trolls who investigate other planet's geography and culture so as to better conquer them for the VAST ALTERNIAN EMPIRE.

That daunting future is drawing ever nearer, what with all of your friends and yourself rapidly approaching adulthood and therefore planet evacuation. Yet another reason why tonight is SUPREMELY CRITICAL TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. Events will be marked as a last-ditch effort to unite each troll you hold dear for some bonding and memory making. It'll be the final heave-ho, as it where. It might even RE-FORGE an old broken friendship or two. Because tonight all 14 of you will play a game said to hold MAGICAL PROPERTIES (or at least that's what you've reasoned - FANCIFUL EXAGGERATION and OPTIMISM may very well be your true weaknesses) and at the very least should be ONE HELL OF AN EXPERIENCE for everyone. You conveniently already have your copy of the game, regardless of how inconveniently you had to come by it, but not everyone else does.

They need to be ready. They just have to!

Perhaps you could contact them utilizing Trollian, a favored chat client originally long-awaited by your group. Your trolltag is stellanovaeVillein, and 6oy you can*t contain your excitement, this is just gonna 6e the **6EST** send~off a troll could possi6ly wish for!!! \/\^__^/\/

What will you do?


{Please note that not everybody needs to start off their intro as I have - I'd like to give the commands option a try at least to start me off, so kindly give me suggestions! Thanks!!}
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Character : Aerona Morian
Title : Resident Whovian
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PostSubject: Re: So It Begins   Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:00 pm

Find someone to go adventure with ====>
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PostSubject: Re: So It Begins   Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:30 pm

>Pester friend to tell them just how EXCITED you are
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Character : Zubrae Algedi
Title : Poet of Doom
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PostSubject: Re: So It Begins   Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:26 pm

>Morgan: If none of your friends are online yet, go visit your lusus.
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PostSubject: Re: So It Begins   

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So It Begins
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