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 Shayla's Basic Information

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Character : Shayla Halja
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PostSubject: Shayla's Basic Information   Shayla's Basic Information Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2012 2:33 am

Name: Shayla Halja
Sign: Theta (ø)
Title: Seer of Dreams
Land: Land of Echo and Quartz
Blood: #ff9900
Fetch Modus: Loop Projector Modus
Sprite: OwlSprite
Lusus: Barn Owl
Consorts: Tom Cats
Strife Specibus: Polekind
Ancestor: The River Rider
Denizen: Hel
Dreamself: Derse
Trolltag: extractivePancratic
Quirk: Double s and h. All messages are overseen by the all seeing owl lusus O,O
Age: 8 sweeps
Height: 5’ 7”
Build: Stockier, very muscular, built to climb constantly.
Distinguishing Personal/Physical Qualities: Shayla is a very complex troll. She could have the personality of a warrior to certain trolls, while having a timid personality to others. Many of her outward characteristics are interchangeable when talking to different trolls. What she really is like, is a calm, sensitive troll who merely wants what is best for her and her close friends. Shayla has a large scar across her back from when she fell from her tree and almost impaled herself on a branch, hence why her house is built on lower branches than one might expect. She also has a trick right hip.
Horns: Large, slender and finely pointed loops on the sides of the head, facing out and pointed inward. O(face)O<-horn
Attire: Black tank top and black, ripped jeans, orange army inspired coat, converse shoes
Hive: A giant treehouse built into a partially dead tree. Lots of ramps and rope ladders connecting the multi levels. Everything is made with natural products and so blends in to the tree partially. Lusus lives at the top of the tree while house is around the mid-low branches.
Land of Echo and Quartz: A darker land with giant, haphazard and dispersed quartz crystals, magnifying the available light eerily. Small, crystal rivers snake their way around the land like veins. Some are incredibly and deceptively deep. Everything is in a purply twilight, and the quartz emits pure white light.
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Shayla's Basic Information
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